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Sex Education/SOGI

Information on new curriculum you need to be aware to protect your child and preserve your parental rights, within the public school system.

SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) is a global effort to indoctrinate children into the LGBTQ movement at the earliest ages through their school curriculum.


'Trans-Affirming Toolkit' Tells Teachers To Put Ideology Above Biology

The toolkit tells teachers, that biological sex is determined by seven elements, and not simply chromosomes, thus encouraging the “choose my gender” ideology.

Trans-affirming toolkit' tells teachers to put ideology above biology
Student Josh Alexander

Josh is a Catholic High School student that has been suspended for questioning the gender ideology that there is more than 2 sexes. Read his story here.

Ottawa School Board Suggests Teachers Use They/Them Pronouns

Superintendents at an Ottawa school board sent an email to all staff suggesting they start the next school year using they/them pronouns for all students until told their preferred pronouns.

Schools Allow Children to ‘Identify as Horses, Dinosaurs and Cats

Pupils and teachers alike are aware that such self-identification can cause disruption, yet many do not voice their concerns for fear of being cancelled.

Teacher Brags That His Students Are Not Allowed To Say There Are 2 Genders

Notoriously pro-LGBT Canadian Catholic School teacher Paolo De Buono is trying to prevent his students from declaring the truth while other students across Canada resist LGBT ideology in schools.

Woke Ideology Now Dominates Ontario Public Schools

Ontario teachers wearing large prostetic breasts are supported, while teachers claiming there are only 2 genders are persecuted.

LGBT Activist Organization Flooding Schools with Cash to Create 'Sexuality' Clubs

An LGBT activist organization awarded more than 70 public and charter schools throughout the U.S. and Canada thousands of dollars to promote gender ideology, and support “Gender Sexuality Alliance”

Rantz: Elementary Sex Ed Promoted Puberty Blockers, Pubic Hair Art

Disturbing information taught to young children by Planned Parenthood at school without parental knowledge or approval.

How Canadian Schools Aid Students' Gender Transition Without Family Consent

Boards are urging schools to both automatically honour request to change a student’s name and pronouns, and not to tell parents if requested

Gender Ideology: What Canadian Schools Are Teaching on LGBT Topics

LGBT issues, referring to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender topics, are being presented in classrooms across Canada—from kindergarten on—in ways that have shocked some parents who were unaware until their children started questioning their gender and sexual orientation.


Are You a Boy or a Girl?

Teaching young children that they can be born into the wrong body, this video is being shown to children in 4th grade in Wisconsin, USA. How many other schoolboards are doing the same?

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