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Regular Vaccines

Answers to questions parents may have about the regular schedule of childhood vaccines.


They Lost Their Smiles

Life After Vaccine Injury

Vaxxed I - Cover up to Catastrophe Documentary

From Cover up to Catastrophe. A documentary about the dangers of vaccines, kids’ autism & side effects. A ‘must watch’ for all, followed by part 2.

Vaxxed II – The People’s Truth Documentary

This documentary is part 2 to Vaxxed – From Cover up to Catastrophe. Together they are comprehensive, impactful and poignant.

Aaron Siri, Lead Council ICAN

Excellent testimony from Aaron Siri speaking on Covid vaccines; he addresses the regulatory reviews, trials, results and demand for accountability.

Before You Vaccinate Your Child

Please watch this video before you make the decision to vaccination your child. You may change your mind.

1986 Act Movie/Trailor

The film 1986: The Act, released by Andy Wakefield in 2020. A thorough forensic examination of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and its consequences.

Must Read Articles

Questionaire for Legislators

Important questions (with answers) for you to ask the people who are attempting to force vaccines on you and your family.

More Vaccine Doses Linked to Higher Rate of Infant Mortality

Peer-reviewed research demonstrating a correlation between the number of vaccines given to newborns (less than 1 yr.) and increases in infant deaths.

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

An overview of the system for vaccine regulation in the United States explaining how it is possible, and by design, that no one will accept responsibility for vaccine injuries.

Important Websites

Children's Health Defense USA

chaired by the esteemed Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. With chapters across the United States, this group represents a unified voice, advocating for children’s health in every way.

Vaccine Choice Canada

A valuable public information and resource group, offering detailed information about all vaccines: the risks, and the alternatives.

Children's Health Defense Canada

Chaired by the esteemed Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. With chapters across Canada, this group continues to represent a unified voice, advocating for children’s health at every opportunity.

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