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Are MRNA Vaccines Safe for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance and Mama Bears presents “Are the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines safe for pregnant & breastfeeding women?” as part of our “Protecting Pregnancy – Do No Harm” campaign.

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This page is dedicated to the most precious of creations, our children, and to the mothers responsible for their health, vitality and nourishment. We are sharing valuable information from experts speaking to your health as a mother, and how your baby can be affected by decisions you make before and during your pregnancy, as well as when nursing.

We don’t always see the immediate effects of what we do or take while caring for our babies at these critical times until it is too late, as history has shown us with both DES and thalidomide.

Make informed decisions, ask questions now, before it’s too late. Understand your immune system and your baby’s, and know how they are connected. Help your child thrive!

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Result of the Reproductive Toxicology Study

What Abnormalities Have You Seen in Your Practice?

Is Inflammation Present in the Placenta After Vaccination?

Babies Being Born Without Important Microbe?

Dr. Sabine Hazan, Gastroenterologist explains her disturbing findings in breastfed babies born to vaccinated mothers. They are missing bifidobacterial which is an important microbe to support a healthy immune system.

BOMBSHELL: 45% of Pregnant Women Lost Their Babies.

BOMBSHELL: Court Ordered Pfizer Clinical Trial Docs Show 45% of Pregnant Women Lost Their Babies.

MRNA Injections & Miscarriages, May be Linked

Dr. Thorp explains cases of swollen lymph nodes as well as other instances of inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation disrupts the development of the child.

BBC Radio 4 Poison in the Womb - Incredible Audio Documentary About DES

Kerry Hudson explores the ripple effects of a drug given to pregnant women throughout the 20th century, not only on them but their children, in a scandal activists call the ‘silent thalidomide’

Pfizer, FDA Knew Babies Died; Walensky Said: Vaccinate Pregnant Women

Dr. Naomi Wolf talks about New Horrors: dead babies and fetuses in latest Pfizer release.

Does the Covid-19 Vaccine Harm The Fetus?

Are Pregnant Women at Greater Risk of Covid-19?

Could a Nursing Mom Pass Along Toxins After Receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Could the Covid-19 Vaccine Cause Harm to Expecting Mothers?

Does Covid-19 Vaccine Cause Menstrual Abnormalities?

Could the Covid-19 Vaccine Cause Infertility?

Should Pregnant Women Take an Experimental Vaccine?

Discussing The Risks, is The Covid-19 Vaccine Safe?

Is the Covid-19 Vaccine Really Necessary? Dr. James Thorp

Are the Covid-19 Vaccines Really Effective?

Does the Covid-19 Vaccine Remain in the Shoulder?

Then [They] Came For Our Babies - Dr. Eric Feintuch


Face Masks and Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction & Cognitive Decline

Face masks may raise the risk of stillbirths, testicular dysfunction & cognitive decline.

Bombshell Study Confirms This Daily Drink Lowers IQ

A study found that drinking fluoridated water during pregnancy lowers children’s IQ.

Unexpected Side Effects of Ultrasound Gel

Because pregnancy is a time of hormonal changes, steer clear of hormone disruptors.

Pfizer & FDA Knew in Early 2021

Document reveals that Pfizer and the FDA knew by early 2021 that Pfizer's COVID vaccine, resulted in horrible damage to fetuses and babies.

Demonstrably Unjustified Video

An in-depth look at the harms posed against pregnant and expecting mothers involving the vaccination.

COVID Vaccines Are Disaster For Pregnant Women

The CDC said the COVID vaccines were perfectly safe for pregnant women. They lied and they continue to lie to the American people. Here's the proof and you can verify it yourself.

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