Mental Health Program

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Mental Health Program

With the gracious support of its founder, Eric Kussin and much appreciation to Theo Fleury for his contributions, we are proud to bring you a unique mental health program known as SameHere.

The idea that 1 in 5 suffer from mental health is first cast aside, as we all experience events in our lives that affect our emotions. We all fluctuate through sadness and anxiety at times, and we are all indeed The Same. Supporting your mental health, or that of your child, is not something to be shamed or labeled, it is something that we all need to do.

Everyone can benefit from learning the coping strategies taught in these sessions. You will gain valuable tools to help yourself cope and to strengthen your connections with your health, and your family. You will gain a better understanding of how to guide and help your child navigate life’s challenges.
The SameHere scale is a must-have tool for all parents as it truly is a way to connect and start the conversation with your child.

The expertise shared throughout these sessions, by the many contributors, represents a vast treasure of experience. We are so very grateful for their willingness to share their wisdom freely to help you and your family.

Please watch and enjoy, share, and above all remember to be kind to yourself.


The #SameHere Scale App is a peer-to-peer personal tool that will allow your child or teen to gauge how they are truly feeling, and to observe how these feelings change over time.

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Mental Health Series

Mental Health Program

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Mental Health Session #1

Theo Fluerry & Eric Kussin – A Path To Victory

In the first session, the founders of #SameHere, Eric Kussin and Theo Fleury, show us how “we are all the same”. They believe the statistic which states that ‘1 in 5 individuals suffer from mental health’ causes unnecessary division and separation between those that suffer and those that ‘don’t’. In reality, we all experience events in our lives that affect our emotions. We have all fluctuated through sadness or anxiety at times in our lives, thus everyone can benefit from learning these coping strategies.

Eric and Theo’s stories are truly examples of victory over life’s challenges, and in the coming sessions they will teach us the strategies they used to rise above those experiences. The techniques they used to overcome their own challenges led them to be doing exactly what they were called to do – helping people through the lens of genuine understanding and empathy.

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