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Masks serve many valuable purposes when used appropriately. They have a long history in many industries, and because of this, there are countless experts and a vast amount of data speaking to their value while also defining the suitable applications.

We were told that masks were of no value in the beginning of covid. Then, overnight, the science was rewritten. But the facts have not changed. Prolonged use comes with numerous health risks, and prolonged use in children is worst of all.

From decreased oxygen intake, leading to confusion and fatigue, to bacterial-laden environments causing respiratory problems. Worse than that, we are now getting a glimpse of the damages masking has caused to our children’s mental health, happiness and ability to thrive.

Please review the information, listen to the experts and be aware of your own children’s struggles. Children need to breath, to see, to get dirty and to build a strong immune system.


Industrial Hygienist Testifies

From the perspective of a true expert on the matter, here are some important facts about the effectiveness of masks.

Are Masks Really Effective?

Dr Bridle clearly demonstrates aerosolized particles (required for transmission), and the ineffectiveness of surgical masks in containing these particles.

Del Bigtree Shows the C02 Levels

Description Del Bigtree shares data on exposure limits and demonstrates the CO2 concentrations behind the common masks.

Masks, No Evidence They Work

Dr. John Campbell – RCTs did not show a clear reduction in respiratory viral infection with the use of medical/surgical masks. 


Carbon Dioxide Levels Not Acceptable

A study demonstrating an increase of CO2 inhalation in masked children, by over 13x the normal indoor atmosphere, and 6x the absolute allowable upper limit.

Lockdowns and Masks Hurt Kids

The Brownstone Institute shows the true effects of mandates on childhood development with respect to non-verbal children, key milestones and academics.

Study of Dangers of Cloth Masks

A study of cloth masks, worn by health care workers, showing a 97% permeability of particulates and a significantly increased risk of respiratory infection.

Children and Masks - The Dangers

A study addressing the microplastics found in lung tissue as a result of masks; one of the numerous foreign materials we have inhaled from these various masks.

Ontario Nurses - No Need To Wear Masks

A 2018 arbitration decision for the Ontario Nurses Association showing the ineffectiveness and absurdity of the influenza vaccination and mask policy for hospital staff.

Masks Contain Cancer Causing Toxins

A study of 12 different masks verifying the presence of the carcinogen titanium dioxide (TiO2) in concentrations exceeding accepted allowable exposure levels.

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