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Alternative Education

Resources for those looking outside the traditional public school systems for different options to meet your child’s needs.


A learning pod is a small group of students who learn together outside of a traditional school setting, but still in person. Learning pods allow students to independently engage in remote learning in a safe and productive environment during typical school hours. Learning pods can be particularly helpful for parents whose jobs make it challenging for them to oversee a robust remote learning experience from home.

Learning pods are an option for families who are trying to make the best of school closures in a more coordinated way. They foster an engaging, social learning environment and can help offset feelings of isolation that students may experience as a result of remote learning.

Learning pod costs will vary depending on your location, the instructor’s level of experience and how many students are in each pod.

There are reputable learning pod organizations across the country and many that are private and aren't advertised publicly. Connect with a Mama Bears Learning pod coordinator and we can help you discover which options are available to you locally.

Information on Pods

Mama Bears “ABC’s of Building a POD” and 123’s of What to What For?

For Hosts

Important considerations before hosting a learning POD.

For Teachers

Considerations for people interested in teaching a POD.

For Parents

Important questions to ask and things to look out for.

How to Build a Yurt Forest School

Setting Up a Yurt Forest School

This is a point form rundown of how a group of parents started a Yurt Forest School. This is meant as a guide/example that perhaps others could use the same system to set up their own or tweak it to suit their location and needs.

Canadian Centre For Learning

Canadian Centre for Learning (CCL) is an interdisciplinary, collaborative higher learning community that provides opportunities for learners to study and work with world class, experienced and dedicated academics and professionals. As a beacon of freedom, CCL is a place where people’s voices matter, learning is joyful, ideas are inspirational and impact is transformational.

What isUn-Schooling?


Tasha is a regular mama who unleashed her kids from the formal education system to complete Freedom to learn organically. UN-SCHOOLING.

Mama Bears Un-Schooling Webinar

A conversation with parents who have succeeded in raising their children within the organic fluidity of unschooling. Listen to their ideas, successes and struggles as they discuss their experiences and how it has prepared their children for success.

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