Who We Are

Our Mission

The Mama Bears Project is a child-centered, family-focused resource hub. The goal of the Mama Bears Project is to empower parents and communities to get involved, to actively participate in all aspects of the lives of their children. We provide detailed and insightful information and resources on important issues affecting children of all ages today.

Protect their innocence. The children need us all.

If you would like to to help us with our mission, please consider donating. To find out how your money is used and to donate, please visit our donation page.


Mama Bears Project is an undertaking of Police on Guard For Thee, in collaboration with supporting organizations, with a specific focus of protecting the innocence of children from the political agendas that seek to harm them, physically and mentally.

If you have any questions or would like to know what you can do to help, please reach out to us.

Our Core Values

Providing the resources needed to inform and empower each of us, so that we can protect the children and restore their future.

Be Focused.Be Determined.

Meet Our Passionate Team

Serryna Whiteside

Serryna is a proud Canadian, retired military reservist and fierce protector of all children. She grew up in the system and has seen first-hand the mental and physical damage that results from the loss of the family unit. With MamaBears she knows she can make a difference.

Claudette Rawn

Claudette is retired from Prairie Mountain Health working as a home care attendant and Mental Health Proctor.
Currently she works in public service and volunteers for Mama Bears.

Raihna Remick

Raihna is a mother of four and copywriter. As someone who has been digging into the dangers of childhood vaccines since the birth of her daughter 11 years ago, she has had a huge passion for protecting children over these past few years and is proud to offer her skills to be a part of the Mama Bears organization.

Pat Robertson

Pat is a retired educator, social worker, artist and truth seeking great grandmother. As a former educator Pat believes that in today's world, problem-solving skills are essential, and through thorough research of diverse possibilities we will arrive at creative solutions. Children must be free to flourish in their innocence and curiosity in order to become mature contributors to envisioning a better future.

Janet Fisher

Janet is a web designer, developer and entrepreneur. Avid kayaker, traveler and mother to 2 beautiful children, Janet is dedicated to exposing the truth behind the global agenda to harm our children. Education and information is paramount if we want to protect the children. They really do need us all.

Stephanie McEvoy
B. Sc. hon

Stephanie has worked in hi-tech before having a family. She has homeschooled, competed in running races, competed in rimfire target shooting and followed many family and children issues in our culture and society. Also, an advocate for military and veteran mental health issues and well being.

Terri Haydar

Terri is a retired Correctional Officer and a member of Police On Guard. She is a mom to 3 daughters and a grandmother to 5. She is passionate about exposing potential dangers children face and sharing information with parents to aid them in protecting their children.

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