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Mama Bears is a child advocate organization dedicated to providing children and parents with accurate and up to date information on topics concerning children’s health and general welfare.

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Child safety and welfare are what drive us everyday. Please check out these helpful resources to learn more about the dangers our children are facing and what you can do to protect them.

Gender Dysphoria
Vaccine Information
Internet Safety

vaccine injury

Words of Compassion. A Father's Story.
Life After Vaccine Injury

How do you grieve the loss of your health from a vaccine? How do you grieve the loss of a healthy child when you participated in the harming of your child? Ted Kuntz from Vaccine Choice Canada, retired psychotherapist, and parent, shares how he navigated that journey successfully. Understand that you made the decision based on the information you had, with the best of intent, not on what you know now. Make peace with your decision, accept what is and make the most of what life has to offer right now.

When Trust Betrays Us

Feeling betrayed stirs many powerful emotions: anger, sadness, guilt and fear. Retired psychotherapist Ted Kuntz shows us how to move through all of these emotions to a place of acceptance with what is, making peace with past decisions and making the most of what life is offering at this time. Understand the importance of the question Where Do You Live? Is it in the past which can invoke sadness, in the future which can create fear or in the present which can be a place of joy and peace.

Issues affecting our children

Are the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines safe for pregnant & breastfeeding women?

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance presents "Are the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines safe for pregnant & breastfeeding women?" as part of our "Protecting Pregnancy - Do No Harm" campaign.

A Father's Regret

Sean Hartman loved hockey and in order to play he had to be vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. 17 year old Sean Hartman is no longer with us. Dan Hartman describes the life sentence he is now living without his son.

Protecting our children from Sexual Predators

Police on Guard member, an officer specially trained in identifying sexual abuse and grooming, and a victim of child sexual abuse herself, Nadine Ness shows the courage to share her story and professional experience to expose the dangers in our schools.

Dr. Renata Moon

Dr. Renata Moon, Board Certified Pediatrician & Former Professor of Medicine, speaks out on being silenced for voicing concerns about the safety of covid vaccines for children.

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Mama Bears Project is an undertaking of Police on Guard For Thee, in collaboration with supporting organizations, with a specific focus of protecting the innocence of children from the political agendas that seek to harm them, physically and mentally.

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